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Brandon Lee Bradley - Florida
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Thread: Brandon Lee Bradley - Florida

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    Brandon Lee Bradley - Florida

    Pill, Bradley and Kerchner

    Judge denies bond for accused killers in Brevard deputy shooting death

    Flags are at half-staff outside the sheriff's office on Wednesday after a 15-year veteran Brevard County deputy was shot and killed after pulling over two robbery suspects in Melbourne.

    The community is mourning the death of 52-year-old Deputy Barbara Pill. She was the first Brevard County deputy killed in the line of duty in 16 years.

    On Tuesday night, the two murder suspects were taken to jail.

    Brandon Bradley and Andria Michelle Kerchner will face a judge Wednesday. They are accused of shooting the deputy four times after she pulled them over for allegedly stealing from a motel.

    Both suspects are being held without bond at the Brevard County Jail. They are each facing multiple charges, including first-degree murder.

    Radio transmissions reveal just how tense the moments were when authorities heard five gunshots ring out and Pill was shot multiple times on Tuesday.

    "Confirmed he shot a deputy; be careful. Use caution. He's armed," an officer said over the radio. "They have officers in the south. Watch for crossfire."

    Investigators said Bradley and Kerchner had stolen furniture from an Econo Lodge near 192 and I-95.

    Pill was trying to talk them out of their car when investigators said Bradley opened fire.

    Bradley and Kerchner fled, but ended up crashing their SUV in a ditch a few blocks away, where they were taken into custody.

    Deputy Pill didn't survive.

    Bradley, a man deputies call a career criminal, could only muster a brief apology.

    "Brandon what do you have to say to the deputy's family?" WFTV asked.

    "I'm sorry," he replied.

    "Andrea, what was your role in this?" WFTV asked.

    "I didn't shoot the deputy; these cops is liars," said Kerchner.

    Records obtained by WFTV show that one of the suspects charged with the murder should have never been let out of jail.

    Since 2007, 22-year-old Brandon Bradley has a very long arrest record, including fleeing and eluding, aggravated assault, burglary, resisting arrest, child cruelty, kidnapping, weapons charges, and 10 drug charges.

    He was arrested last year, but he fooled jail officials when he said he was his brother and was allowed to bond out.

    Guests at the Econo Lodge motel saw Bradley and 19-year-old Kerchner stealing furniture before the shooting.

    "She was pretty scared; she'd seen the look on the guy's face and turned around and came back to the room," said motel guest Chris Montesano. "She had a bad feeling about it."

    Kerchner also has a record for selling drugs.

    Bradley and Kerchner could face the death penalty if convicted.

    According to Florida's guidelines, any suspect who commits murder while avoiding arrest or while trying to escape is eligible for the death penalty. The law also says a suspect who commits murder while interfering with law enforcement can receive capital punishment.

    Friends, family and the law enforcement community are mourning the loss of Pill. She was a 15-year veteran of the department, and the mother of two sons who are also law enforcement officers.

    One of her sons, Jeremy, was on a cruise when he found out about the shooting. The Coast Guard picked him up in a helicopter to bring him home.

    Heartbroken comrades gathered to console one another outside Holmes Regional Medical Center to mourn the loss of Pill.

    Flags were placed at half-staff, and black stripes covered deputies' badges.

    "She is the kind of person who was always engaged, always doing things, that's again why she was on this scene today. She was the first one on scene," said Brevard County Sheriff Jack Parker.

    Parker said Pill did not shy away from danger, yet she was one of the nicest people you could ever meet.

    "It's one thing to lose someone that you love. It's another thing to lose some that you love in this way," said Parker.

    She was also a mother and grandmother. Her son Ryan is an officer with the Melbourne Village Police.

    Another son, Jeremy, is also a Brevard County deputy and her daughter-in-law is a crime scene investigator.

    "Her whole family is an incredible family and she is a tremendous loss to our community. She's one of those heroes behind the scenes," said Parker.

    Pill spent 15 of her 30 years in law enforcement in Brevard County.

    Pill's Palm Bay neighbors are equally shaken over their friend's death.

    "I was crushed. I just couldn't believe it. It hit so close to home," said William Gurny, Pill's friend.

    According to her closest friends, Pill was also closing in on retirement.

    Gov. Rick Scott offered his condolences to Pill's loved ones, and said this tragedy should remind us of the risks taken by every member of law enforcement.

    Scott released a statement Tuesday that said, in part:

    "When officers lose their lives in the line of duty, it is a solemn reminder of how grateful we should all be for their service. May we always show the honor and gratitude these brave men and women deserve."

    Deputy Raymond Warner was that last Brevard County deputy killed in the line of duty. He was shot and killed in June 1996 while responding to a burglary at Merritt Island High School. The suspect in that crime was shot and killed.


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    The video link in the previous post is worth a look see!

    A tribute to Deputy Brenda Pill can be found on Officer Down Memorial Page website by clicking here

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    Boy, she's only 19? She looks closer to 40!

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    She has a trashy mouth as well! When asked if she wanted to say anything to Deputy Pill's family she said "F the Po-lice!" I think it is safe to say she will not be "loving her man" when this goes to trial and she is facing a possible death or life without parole sentence.

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    I'll seek death for accused killer of Deputy Barbara Pill, state attorney says

    The 22-year-old felon accused of gunning down veteran Brevard County Deputy Barbara Pill should be executed if he's convicted, the State Attorney's Office said today.

    In a statement, Brevard-Seminole State Attorney Norm Wolfinger said his "office is working with investigators to vigorously pursue justice for this crime. Based upon the information already received, I will be instructing the assigned prosecutors to pursue the death penalty against" Bradley.

    Bradley's charges are murder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, robbery with a deadly weapon, failure to appear in court, sale of cocaine, carrying a concealed firearm, resisting arrest and violation of probation.

    Kerchner's charges are robbery with a deadly weapon, murder and sale of a controlled substance.

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    Absolutely disgusting, when her drugs wear off and reality kicks in, let's see if she still "loving her man".....RIP Barbara Pill

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    A sheriff's deputy stands next to Andria Kerchner, the suspect in the shooting of Deputy Barbara Pill along I-95 on Tuesday.

    Brevard Deputy Shooting: Mother of suspect Andria Kerchner ''devastated'' over shooting of Deputy Barbara Pill

    By J.D. Gallop
    Florida Today

    Melbourne, Florida -- The mother of the 19-year-old Melbourne woman suspected of being involved in the fatal shooting of Brevard County Sheriff's Deputy Barbara Pill said she is "devastated," by the slaying and believes her daughter likely did not know what was going to happen.

    "We knew Deputy Pill. My husband owns an antique shop in Grant ... My heart goes out to her family. I am crushed that this happened," said Pamela Kerchner, who had not been allowed to talk with her daughter Andria Kerchner hours after her arrest.

    Both Kerchner and 22-year-old Brandon Bradley, the suspected gunman who investigators say fatally wounded the deputy, are facing multiple charges. They are in custody at Brevard County jail and are being held without bond.

    Bradley is charged with first-degree premeditated murder, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, robbery with a deadly weapon and failure to appear warrants for possession of a firearm by a felon, sale of cocaine, carrying a concealed firearm and resisting arrest. Bradley also was arrested on violation of probation warrants for robbery, possession of cocaine, burglary and grand theft.

    Kerchner is accused of robbery with a deadly weapon, first-degree felony murder and a warrant for the sale of a controlled substance.

    Bradley's long criminal history included a stint in state prison. State records show Bradley, with tattoos depicting the Grim Reaper, tear drops and the words, "Laugh Now Cry Later," was released from Lancaster Correctional Institute in May 2010 with three years of community supervision.

    Court records indicate he had a home address in Melbourne. He was sentenced in 2007 to serve three years in state prison on burglary, possession of cocaine, robbery and grand theft charges. He and Kerchner could go before a judge today.

    Pamela Kerchner said her daughter struggled emotionally over the years and had minor run-ins with the law, including a misdemeanor criminal mischief charge, but was otherwise a good person. Court records show she had been involuntarily placed under observation at a medical facility at least three times in recent years for emotional troubles. She played soccer, learned piano and was planning to go to Brevard Community College to try to become an occupational therapist working with children, her mother said.

    "She's got a big heart, she's very compassionate. But she just had a very rough life. I don't know why she was with (Bradley)...I didn't know him," Kerchner said, adding that her daughter had left the family's home about four weeks ago. She said she heard little about her daughter's recent actions, but said she was associating with someone named "Louie."

    "I'm sure she's devastated and never, ever thought something like this would happen. I lost my own son to a homicide three years ago. This is like losing my child all over again." Kerchner's brother, Kenneth Walters, 28, was killed in a home invasion in 2009.

    "I'm sure that if she thought something like this would have happened, she would have tried to get away," Kerchner said. "She wouldn't have wanted that to happen. She's not a monster."


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    Sometimes itīs truly hard for parents - you have no clue why your parents commit things you canīt understand. These partents are victims too.
    No murder can be so cruel that there are not still useful imbeciles who do gloss over the murderer and apologize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heidi View Post
    She has a trashy mouth as well! When asked if she wanted to say anything to Deputy Pill's family she said "F the Po-lice!" I think it is safe to say she will not be "loving her man" when this goes to trial and she is facing a possible death or life without parole sentence.
    Some of us remember how well similar comments worked out for James Broadnax.


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