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      Robert Galvan - California Death Row

      A man convicted of murdering his cellmate is now facing the death penalty.

      Jurors decided the fate of Robert Galvan, 37, after just 30 minutes of deliberation. Their decision marked the end of a trial that lasted for almost four weeks.

      Galvan was the sole suspect in the murder of Robert Johnson, 29, who was found dead in their shared cell at California State Prison Corcoran on Sept. 16, 2010.

      At the time, Galvan was already serving three consecutive life terms for robbery, kidnapping for ransom, and several cases of assault with a deadly weapon.

      So many, in fact, that Snyder said it didn’t make sense for the District Attorney’s Office to prosecute them all.

      On one occasion, while being transferred back to prison in July 2012, Galvan got out of his handcuffs and stabbed a correctional officer so badly the man was forced to retire.

      “The only way to say it is that this individual is the poster child for the death penalty,” Snyder said.

      Jurors reached a guilty verdict in the murder case late last week. The penalty phase of the trial lasted through Wednesday.

      Galvan will return to court on May 15 to be formally sentenced.

      “We’re very happy with this verdict,” Snyder said. “The jurors couldn’t, in good conscience, give him another life term. He’s already serving three without the possibility of parole. What else could they give him?”

      The last time someone was sentenced to the death penalty in Kings County was in 2010.

      A uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

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      Corcoran inmate gets death penalty

      A lifer at Corcoran State Prison has been sentenced to death for murdering his cell mate, a Kings County judge ruled this week.

      Judge Peter L. Spinetta handed down the sentence for Robert Galvan at a hearing Wednesday, said Kings County prosecutor Thom Snyder. Galvan was immediately taken to death row at San Quentin State Prison.

      In March, a jury found Galvan guilty of first-degree murder with special circumstances of torture and lying in wait, and assault with a deadly weapon by a life prisoner causing death.

      Snyder said Galvan murdered his cell mate, Robert Johnson, 28, of Clear Lake, in September 2010 by getting him drunk on inmate-made wine, then slitting his throat, strangling him with an electric cord, then smashing his head against the concrete bed several times. Johnson was 30 days away from release, Snyder said. They shared a cell in a high-security housing unit.

      Galvan told investigators that he killed Johnson because his cell mate had "disrespected" him by calling him stupid, and that he was punishing Johnson for violating an unwritten rule not to complain to guards about disputes with cell mates, Snyder said.

      After attacking his public defender in 2011 and breaking his nose, Galvan served as his own lawyer.

      In July, while being taken back to Corcoran prison from court in Hanford, he slipped out of his handcuffs and stabbed a guard five times with an inmate-made weapon.

      Galvan was in Corcoran serving four consecutive life terms. Two were for a 1999 kidnapping, robbery and ransom when an evening at the movies turned into a night of terror for a young couple who were carjacked outside a Fresno theater.

      The couple, both in their 20s, had just left Edwards Cinemas on North Blackstone Avenue when they were accosted by a man with a knife.

      The woman was forced into the back seat and her companion ordered to drive to an ATM, where he took money out and handed it to the kidnapper.

      Instead of letting the couple go, he forced them them to drive to several other ATMs, but they were unable to withdraw more money. The male victim said his mother would give them money, so they drove to her apartment in Clovis.

      While the son went inside, the robber held the woman hostage in the car.

      The mother telephoned Clovis police while her boyfriend, driving his own car, agreed to lead the robber and hostages to an ATM in Clovis, where officers surrounded the bank and arrested Galvan.

      The young couple, now married, testified during the penalty phase, Snyder said.

      While in the Fresno County jail, Galvan attacked a correctional officer, for which he got his third life sentence. The fourth was for assaulting an inmate with a weapon at Salinas Valley State Prison.

      "He's the absolute poster for the death penalty, " Snyder said in March.

      Read more here: http://www.fresnobee.com/2013/05/17/...#storylink=cpy
      A uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

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