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    Waldrop, Bolton and Fairley Charged with Capital Murder in 2013 MS Home Invasion Slaying of Robert Williams

    Robert Franklin Williams, 26

    Daylon Waldrup

    Derrick Lamont Bolton

    David Fairly

    The three suspects accused of shooting a man to death in his West Seventh Street home last week are now charged with capital murder, according to jail records.

    During a Thursday press conference when several additional details were released about both the Seventh Street homicide and another in a U.S. 49 motel room, Hattiesburg police spokesman Lt. Jon Traxler said the motive for the Seventh Street shooting was robbery.

    Capital murder, which qualifies suspects for the death penalty if convicted, is defined in Mississippi as a murder perpetrated during the commission of certain other felonies, of which robbery is one.

    What was stolen remains under investigation, he said.

    Traxler said investigators believe the home invasion that left Robert Williams, 26, dead was a targeted crime.

    “They did know each other,” he said. “There was some sort of association between the suspects and the victims.”

    He said although the investigation has not yet yielded a definite number of weapons involved, gunfire was exchanged between the victim and suspects.

    One of the suspects, Daylon Carl Waldrop, 19, was injured during the incident. Waldrop was arrested in Laurel late Wednesday.

    Derrick Lamont Bolton, 18, and David Allen Fairley both turned themselves in to Hattiesburg police Tuesday and are currently held on $1 million bonds at the Forrest County Jail on capital murder charges. Bond has yet to be set for Waldrop.

    Another three were charged Monday for allegedly rendering aid to the suspects to prevent them from being arrested, Traxler said. One was Fairley’s brother.

    Tyleka White, 25, and Adrian Fairley, 20, are held on $45,000 bonds at the Forrest County Jail. Shaina Myles, 23, has since bonded out.

    Traxler said the bludgeoning death of Florida resident William Arthur Kane Jr., 51, who was found dead in a Budget Inn motel room on U.S. 49 Tuesday morning, was also a targeted crime.

    Baron Marquise Dean, 24; Mark Joyce, 28; William Farrell, 32; and Virie Parker, 25; were all arrested Wednesday, Traxler said.

    All the suspects are from Hattiesburg, except Farrell, who is from Arab, Ala.

    Although Traxler said the motive behind the Budget Inn slaying was also robbery, the four suspects are currently charged with murder, not capital murder.

    “The four that were arrested were either associates or co-workers of the victim,” Traxler said, adding that Farrell worked with Kane.

    Kane was in town working with an asphalt company.

    Traxler added that additional charges for any of the suspects or additional persons have not been excluded.
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    Three indicted in capital murder case

    By Ryan Moore

    HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) - Three suspects involved in an August 2013 capital murder case were served a three count indictment today in Forrest County Circuit Court.

    Daylon Waldrop, Derrick Bolton, and David Fairley were indicted on capital murder, conspiracy and kidnapping in the death of Robert Williams.

    The indictment detailed the conspiracy to commit the crime, along with using a handgun in the process of a robbery along with unlawfully detaining another victim in the case.

    Williams was shot at a residence on west 7th street in front of his three roommates.

    According to a Hattiesburg Police incident report, a witness said they heard a knock on the door and three black males dressed in black with their faces covered enter the home.

    The witness said one suspect had a handgun.

    According to the report, Williams and the other three were forced into a bedroom where Williams was shot.
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