Facts of Crime: Demps, James Jackson and Harry Mungin were convicted of the September 7, 1976 stabbing death of Alfred Sturgis at Florida State Prison. Sturgis, serving a life term for murder and allegedly a "snitch," was found in his cell, bleeding from multiple stab wounds. While transported to the hospital, Sturgis told two guards in a "dying declaration" that fellow inmates Demps, Jackson and Mungin attacked him. Another inmate, Larry Hathaway, testified that Mungin was standing in the door of Sturgis' cell while Demps was holding Sturgis down and Jackson was stabbing him with a homemade knife. Demps, Jackson and Mungin were part of a group of inmates that named themselves "Perjury Incorporated," a prison gang that rooted out inmate informants.

At the time, Demps was serving a double life sentence for murdering two people in a Lake County orange grove in 1971. He was originally sentenced to death for the double homicide but it was reduced as a consequence of Furman vs Georgia.

Victim: Alfred Sturgis

Time of Death: 6:53 p.m.

Manner of execution: Lethal Injection

Last Meal: Barbecue chicken and beef, french fries, salad, Spanish rice, rolls, cherry vanilla and butter pecan ice cream, a mango, banana pudding and Pepsi. He ate half of the meal.

Final Statement: Before the execution, Demps made a seven-minute statement in which he thanked his family, lawyers and religious adviser for their support while continuing to staunchly defend his innocence. "This is not an execution," he said. "This is murder." The 22-year Death Row veteran made a number of accusations during his statement. "I am an innocent man. They have knowingly fabricated evidence against me," he said. His speech also included a condemnation of Gov. Jeb Bush. "Gov. Bush, you have done what you said you would never do and that is kill an innocent man," he said. Lying on his back covered up to his chin with a white sheet, Demps appeared to become calm as he continued his statement. "I leave this world hating no man, with no malice toward anyone. I leave in peace." He finished with a Muslim prayer.