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    Carl Devon Powell - California Death Row

    Carl Devon Powell

    Facts of the Crime:

    Carl Devon Powell was sentenced to death in Sacramento County on November 10, 1994 after being convicted of robbing and murdering Keith McDade, a manager of a Sacramento Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, on January 19, 1992. Powell, then 21, was convicted in September 1994 for the first-degree murder of McDade, 24.

    McDade was found slain in his car with a single bullet wound to the head in the restaurant parking lot on Freeport Boulevard. Under the seat of his car, police found a money bag still carrying the day's sales total of $1,700. Powell was also convicted of three counts of grand theft that occurred while he was an employee at the restaurant six months before the shooting.

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    Powell's case has been fully briefed on direct appeal before the California Supreme Court since November 13, 2013.

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