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    Death row convict is found guilty of killing two inmates

    By Paul Ogemba
    Standard Digital

    A death row convict at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison has been found guilty of killing two inmates who refused to sing a hymn.

    Lady Justice Hedwig Ong’udi ruled that Christopher Njoroge Mumbo was guilty of bludgeoning to death Ibrahim Aden and Julius Kimani at the prison’s hospital ward after the two refused to sing a ‘Hallelujah’ song in 2012.

    The judge, however, spared him the death penalty on grounds that he was mentally unstable when he committed the offence and left his fate at the mercy of the President.

    “There is high probability that he was not of sound mind when he committed the offence. I therefore make a special finding that he is guilty of murder but was insane at the time and will be detained at the pleasure of the President,” ruled Justice Ong’udi.

    Njoroge was on death row at Kamiti Prison after he was sentenced to death for robbing a shopkeeper in 2007. He had gone to the shop to buy cigarettes but returned later, armed with a panga, and ordered the shopkeeper to surrender everything.

    On the night of January 10, 2012, he complained that he was feeling unwell and the prison wardens on duty took him to the sick bay ward, where he found other inmates waiting to be treated.

    According to the prosecution, Njoroge picked up a piece of wood that had nails and ordered all the inmates to start singing the ‘Hallelujah’ song.

    Out of fear, some of the inmates started singing.

    Aden and Kimani, however, refused to sing and Njoroge attacked them with the piece of wood.

    The other prisoners ran out of the room while others hid under beds.

    The wardens, who delayed in responding to the cries from the sick bay, found two inmates unconscious and others injured. The two died while being taken to hospital.

    Njoroge, in his defence, told the court that he was suffering from cerebral malaria at the time and did not know that he had killed two inmates.

    He stated that he was admitted to hospital for many days after the attack and only became aware of his actions six months later when fellow inmates and warders informed him that he was to be charged with murder.

    Justice Ong’udi ruled that she was satisfied the prosecution had established the offence of murder but failed to provide evidence that he was mentally stable at the time.

    “His action of beating inmates and forcing them to shout ‘Halleluiah’ could not be from a normal person. He was violent on the night and the trend continued a week later, when he had to be tied to a stretcher to be taken to hospital,” said the judge.

    She added that Njoroge might have been affected by the many years he spent abusing hard drugs and that no one knew what he was ailing, leaving the court to believe his statement that he had cerebral malaria.

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    Ruth Kamande after having been crowned 'Miss Lang'ata Women Prison' (Image: AFP)

    Beauty queen sentenced to death after murdering boyfriend by stabbing him 25 times

    Ruth Kamande, 24, has been given the death penalty after slashing her boyfriend 25 times, but a human rights group have called the sentence 'outdated'

    ByHana Carte

    A 'manipulative' Kenyan beauty queen has been given a death sentence for murdering her boyfriend by stabbing him 25 times.

    Ruth Kamande, 24, who won a prison beauty pageant whilst awaiting trial for the attack on her boyfriend in 2015, has been given the death penalty.

    She killed Farid Mohammed, also 24, and showed 'no remorse' for the violent attack which left "blood all over" the crime scene.

    Last August, Kamande had been crowned 'Miss Lang'ata Prison' in Nairobi.

    Judge Jessie Lesiit who passed the sentence, said: "I want young people to know that it is not cool to kill your boyfriend or girlfriend even where you feel disappointed or frustrated - don't do it.

    "Instead, it is cool to walk away and thereafter to forgive."

    Human rights group, Amnesty International called the sentence as "cruel, inhumane and outdated". A speaker for the group said:" "This sentence is a blow to Kenya's progressive record in commuting death sentences to terms of imprisonment."

    Mr Mohammed's aunt, Emmah Wanjiku said: "We're glad that this day came and his grandparents, his sister were actually in court today when this verdict was given.

    "He had just started his job when his life was cut short."

    Kamande's lawyer, Joyner Okonjo, said that she would appeal the sentence.
    I believe that people would be alive today if there were a death penalty. Nancy Reagan

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