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Montreal's Rizzuto crime family - Page 2
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Thread: Montreal's Rizzuto crime family

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    October 16, 2016

    Former Rizzuto associate murdered in Laval

    A presumed member of the Montreal mafia was shot and killed in Laval on Saturday night.

    Vincenzo Spagnolo, 65, was said to be an associate of Vito Rizzuto, the former head of a powerful crime family who died in 2013.

    Andre Cedilot, author of a book on the Montreal mafia, said Spagnolo was a longtime loyallist to the Sicilian branch of the mob.

    "His role in the Rizzuto clan was like a mailbox," said Cedilot. "Vincenzo Spagnolo was like, if there was a message to Vito Rizzuto, they pass through Vincenzo Spagnolo. And if Vito had a message to somebody else, he passed through Vincenzo Spagnolo."

    Cedilot added that Spagnolo, who owned several businesses, remained active after Rizzuto's death from lung cancer.

    "This guy, he had knowledge, he knew a lot of things about the organization inside the Rizzuto clan and then he was playing a bigger role since a couple of years (ago)," he said.

    While Laval police responded to a call at Antoine Forestier and Arthur Mignault St. at 5:30 p.m. Saturday, the investigation has been turned over to the Sureté du Quebec due to Spagnolo’s ties to organized crime.

    Police said the victim had been shot once in his home. An autopsy is scheduled for early next week.

    Officials said they have no suspects yet.

    We all live in a clown world.

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    Assassinations, firebombs on rise as mobsters fight to be crowned Montreal's next godfather

    Once feared and respected within the underworld, Montreal's Mafia has become a shadow of its former self as rival clans battle each other to see which Mob boss will become the city's next godfather.

    The civil war within the Montreal Mob is being played out in a series of assassinations and, increasingly, firebombings of businesses linked to Mafia associates.

    Police suspect Mafia activity was behind at least 13 firebombings in the greater Montreal region last year, almost double the seven they identified in 2015, said a communications officer for the Montreal police.

    The latest case of Mafia-linked arson may have occurred Monday morning, when a strip mall in Laval's Vimont neighbourhood went up in flames. Police are describing the fire as "suspicious."

    Among the four businesses that were destroyed was Streakz Coiffure, a hair salon owned by Caterina Miceli. Another one of Miceli's salons was firebombed last week.

    Miceli is married to Carmelo Cannistraro, who was arrested in 2006 as part of an RCMP-led crackdown on the Mafia.

    RCMP documents submitted to Quebec's Charbonneau inquiry list Cannistraro as an associate of Frank Arcadi, one of the Mafia bosses in the Rizzuto clan.

    The spate of firebombings has been accompanied by a series of grisly killings around the Montreal area, largely targeting those linked to Vito Rizzuto, the one-time godfather who turned the city's Mafia into one of the most successful organized crime operations in North America.

    Rizzuto, known as the Teflon Don, pleaded guilty in an American court to racketeering charges in 2007 in exchange for a 10-year sentence in connection with the 1981 murders of three alleged gang leaders at a New York social club.

    He died of natural causes in 2013, 15 months after his release from a Colorado prison. Other members of his clan haven't been so fortunate.

    Last October, Vincenzo Spagnolo was shot to death at his home, also in Laval's Vimont neighbourhood. Organized crime experts say Spagnolo, 65, served as the right-hand man to Rizzuto.

    At the time, provincial police said Spagnolo's death appeared to be the result of a "settling of accounts" within the Mafia.

    We all live in a clown world.

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    Number of homicides reported in Montreal in 2017 hits new low

    By Paul Cherry
    The Montreal Gazette

    The total number of homicides reported in Montreal in 2017 was the lowest since island-wide statistics began being recorded 46 years ago.

    Twenty-two homicides that occurred during the year were reported to the Montreal police. But two violent deaths that occurred in 2016 were added to the list compiled by the Montreal police in 2017 after investigators obtained evidence confirming both cases were homicides. This brought the total number to 24, continuing a trend indicating Montreal is becoming a more peaceful city. The record was set last year when 23 homicides were reported. The number reported in 2017 is still significantly lower than the average number of homicides reported over the previous decade: 32.

    Charges have been filed in at least 14 of the 24 cases, giving the Montreal police major crimes squad a 58-per-cent solution rate. Eight of the cases involved deaths in which the victim was in some way related to the suspect. At least three of the victims had clear ties to the Montreal Mafia, a reminder that an internal conflict within the organized crime group that began roughly seven years ago continues.

    Here is a look at the homicides investigated by the Montreal police in 2017:

    2. Ali Awada, 28 (Jan. 13, 2017): Awada, a man with known ties to the Montreal Mafia, was gunned down in Montreal North near the corner of Sabrevois and des Récollets Sts. At the time of his death, Awada was facing charges in Project Clemenza, a lengthy RCMP investigation into the Montreal Mafia. He was believed to have kidnapped a man in March 2011, as part of an effort to collect on a $2 million drug debt. He was the son of Mohamed Awada, a 47-year-old man who also had ties to organized crime. The elder Awadi was murdered in Montreal in November 2012. No one has been arrested in either homicide.

    5. Nicola Di Marco, 47 (March 18, 2017): A passerby discovered Di Marco’s body in the parking lot of an apartment building on M.B. Jodoin Ave. in Anjou. He had been shot to death. Di Marco was known to associate with members of the Montreal Mafia and once admitted in court that he was involved in a clandestine casino that had been set up in an office building in St-Léonard in partnership with Nick (The Ritz) Rizzuto, the elder son of the now-deceased Mafia leader Vito Rizzuto. But Di Marco’s alliances leaned more toward Giuseppe (Ponytail) De Vito, the leader of a Mafia clan that opposed the Rizzuto organization. No one has been arrested in this case.

    10. Daniel Armando Somoza-Gildea, 28 (May 24, 2017): The victim, a Concordia University student, was shot after an argument between two groups of men that started inside the Cabaret Les Amazones in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce carried on to the strip bar’s parking lot. The Montreal police have since obtained a warrant to arrest Frédérick Silva, 37, a career criminal who is also a suspect in the Feb. 21 attempted murder of Salvatore Scoppa, the brother of Andrea Scoppa, the alleged leader of a Calabrian clan that is part of the Montreal Mafia. Silva has yet to be arrested in either case.

    15. Antonio De Blasio, 45 (Aug. 16, 2017): The victim was a man with known ties to the Montreal Mafia. In 2013, he was observed by police while meeting with alleged Montreal Mafia leader Stefano Sollecito and Dany Sprinces Cadet, an alleged street gang leader, and he reportedly has close ties to a few known Mafia figures. He was shot, reportedly after having picked up his son from a football practice in St-Léonard. No one has been arrested in this case.

    20. Vincent Lamer, 48 (Nov. 3, 2017): On March 15, 2000, Lamer became a member of the Rockers, a puppet gang that served the Hells Angels well during Quebec’s biker gang war, a conflict that ran between 1994 and 2002 and resulted in the deaths of more than 160 people. In 2002, he graduated to the Hells Angels by becoming a prospect of the gang’s now-defunct Nomads chapter. But for reasons unknown, he quit the gang near the end of 2002. He once joked with a police officer that while the cops had two dozen photos of him on file he had yet to see a good one published in a newspaper. In 2002, he was sentenced to a 10-year prison term after he pleaded guilty to a series of charges related to the conflict. He was gunned down in Rivière-des-Prairies, reportedly close to his workplace. No one has been arrested in this case.


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    Latest Montreal Mafia hit could mean the war isn’t over

    About the Mafia

    Steve “The Jew” Ovadia an associate of Montreal Mafia clan leader Andrew Scoppa was found shot to death in Laval according to reports.

    Ovadia is a well-known underworld figure said authorities and has been a part of previous anti-mafia operations. The 54-year-old Scoppa was recently released from prison after the Crown decided not to prosecute him on 2017 drug charges. He is seen by many as an increasingly important mobster in the Montreal underworld and this hit may be a sign of renewed tensions due to his release. Scoppa’s Calabrian mafia clan may be at odds with what remains of the Sicilian based Rizzuto crime family led now by Stefano Sollecito.

    A prominent theory is that the Calabrians backed an internal faction within the Rizzuto family in an effort to take control of the mafia in Montreal. The ensuing Montreal Mafia war has led to years worth of violence and bloodshed. But a recent lull in activity and violence left many wondering if the warring factions had agreed to some kind of truce. Sollecito and Leonardo Rizzuto who authorities believed took control of the Montreal Mafia back in 2015 were acquitted of gangsterism charges just before Scoppa’s release.

    Now that multiple key players are back on the streets it remains unclear as to exactly what the status of the Montreal Mafia is currently. The Ovadia hit could be a signal that Scoppa and Sollecito are at odds and it was meant to be a warning. A source with knowledge of the criminal atmosphere said “It could be the beginning of a real war between the various mafia clans in Montreal,” according to a Journal De Montreal report. It could also have been some kind of internal purge or a settling of unrelated accounts. What happens next may provide an answer.


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    Police arrest Hamilton man in shooting deaths of mobster Angelo Musitano, Toronto woman

    CBC News

    A Hamilton man is facing murder charges in the shooting deaths of mobster Angelo Musitano and Toronto woman Mila Barberi, and two other suspects are now the subject of an international manhunt, police announced at a news conference Thursday morning.

    Jabril Abdalla, 27, of Hamilton, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Police have also had Canada-wide warrants issued for two more suspects who investigators believe may have fled to Mexico.

    Police identified them as Michael Graham Cudmore, 37, from Hamilton, and Daniel Mario Tomassetti, 27, of Ancaster, a suburban area of the city. All three suspects are facing two first-degree murder charges, three conspiracy to commit murder charges and one attempted murder charge.

    Police believe one of the suspects was the person who pulled the trigger, but won't say which one.

    "This case is about traditional organized crime, the Mafia, the mob, whatever handle you want to give it," said Hamilton police Det. Sgt. Peter Thom. "Organized crime continues to thrive in our communities."

    Project Scopa

    The arrest was part of a multi-service effort called "Project Scopa" — Italian for broom — and police are urging Cudmore and Tomassetti to turn themselves in.

    "Anyone assisting these individuals to escape or evade arrest will be charged with accessory after the fact to murder," Hamilton police said in a news release issued Thursday.

    Thom said Cudmore's family has officially declared him a missing person as he stopped communicating with them around the time one of his associates was found bound and executed in a ditch in Mexico.

    "The fact that his friend was found murdered down there, the fact that he has not been heard from since around the same time period is concerning, especially for his family," Thom said.

    Police will work with Mexican law enforcement officials and Interpol to try to bring the two men back to Canada to be tried for their alleged crimes.

    Investigators announced in late January that a number of characteristics linked the shootings of Barberi in March 2017 and Musitano two months later.

    Barberi, 28, was killed while she sat in a BMW SUV parked outside a business in the middle of the afternoon in an industrial area of Vaughan, Ont. She was picking up her boyfriend, Saverio Serrano, 40, who police say has connections to organized crime and may have been the intended target.

    Musitano, 39, was gunned down while sitting in his pickup truck in the driveway of his home in Waterdown, Ont. His family was inside the house when he was killed.

    Musitano was the son of Domi​nic Musitano, a longtime crime boss in Hamilton who had close ties to the Rizzuto crime family in Montreal. Angelo and his brother, Pat Musitano, served nearly 10 years in prison for their roles in the 1997 shooting death of Johnny Papalia — arguably Hamilton's most infamous Mafia figure — and one of his lieutenants, Carmen Barillaro.

    Canadian organized crime experts have theorized that Musitano's death may have been retaliation for his role in Papalia's murder.

    Police have said that Musitano was "stalked" for several days before he was killed and that multiple people were involved. Hamilton homicide detectives previously released images of a stolen Ford Fusion believed to have been used as the getaway car in Musitano's homicide.

    They have also identified three other vehicles that were seen around Musitano's home before his death.

    In the Barberi case, there were at least two people involved: the gunman and a getaway driver. The gunman arrived at the scene in a stolen Jeep Grand Cherokee. He got out of the vehicle, ran toward Barberi's SUV and opened fire, hitting her multiple times and wounding her boyfriend in the arm.

    Police previously said Barberi and her boyfriend were shot mistakenly, and the real target was someone else who was also at the Vaughan business that day.

    Shootings share similarities

    Witnesses described a similar looking gunman in both shootings. A black Honda Civic Coupe has also been connected to both shootings, according to York Regional Police.

    Thursday's arrest announcement marks the latest twist in a string of violent incidents linked to organized crime activity in Hamilton in recent months.

    Weeks after Angelo Musitano was shot, someone fired bullets into the home of his brother, Pat.

    Then, on Sept. 13, 2018, real estate agent Albert Iavarone, 50 — who police say had connections to organized crime and knew two of the suspects in the Musitano shooting — was gunned down outside his home.

    No arrests have been made in those cases, but Thom said the killings, along with a recent rash of bombings and arsons, points to unrest in the criminal underworld.

    "Investigation would lend credence to the fact there are two different groups and there seems to be some sort of power struggle going on," he said.


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    Tensions high when alleged Montreal Mafia member learned he was target of hit

    By Paul Cherry
    Montreal Gazette

    There was tension in the air when Montreal police approached alleged Montreal Mafia member Antonio Vanelli to inform him he was the intended target of an organized crime hit that resulted in the death of an innocent man.

    On June 2, 2016, someone shot Angelo D’Onofrio at the Hillside café on Fleury St. in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville borough. The 72-year-old homicide victim was not known to police, and according to evidence presented at the ongoing murder trial of Ebamba Ndutu Lufiau, it took the Montreal police little time to theorize that Vanelli was the target in what police believe was a failed hit.

    On Wednesday, Montreal police Det-Sgt. Ian Riddle testified at Lufiau’s trial and described how he and his partner, Det-Sgt. Denis Hogg, were assigned the task of tracking down Vanelli to inform him that his life was in danger.

    Riddle recalled how, at the time, the Montreal police Brotherhood was using pressure tactics and even homicide detectives were asked to wear jeans to highlight the union’s cause. Riddle also noted that he and Hogg arrived at Vanelli’s residence — at around midnight the same day D’Onofrio was killed — in an old minivan that had nothing on the outside to indicate it was a police vehicle.

    Riddle said that when he and Hogg arrived at Vanelli’s home, they exited their minivan and they were quickly “high-beamed” by a sports utility vehicle that approached them.

    “I decided very quickly to identify both of us as police officers,” Riddle said, before noting that Vanelli was inside the vehicle accompanied by “three or four other individuals.”

    “What was the climate like?” prosecutor Éric de Champlain asked.

    “It was a bit tense,” Riddle said. “But the tension dropped fast (when Vanelli realized they were police detectives).”

    Riddle appeared to be limited in what he could tell the jury as he was not asked to explain why he was able to give Vanelli the very clear message that he was the one who was supposed to have been shot, not D’Onofrio. Riddle repeated the message twice for the jury and it contained no nuances or conditionals.

    “We said he was the victim targeted,” Riddle said.

    After the detective left the witness stand, Superior Court Justice Daniel Royer informed the jury that Riddle’s testimony about the message he delivered to Vanelli was hearsay and therefore could not be considered as evidence that Vanelli was the one who was supposed to have been shot. He explained that Riddle was called as a Crown witness to show how tense things were for Vanelli at the time.

    Earlier in the trial, the Crown submitted a written statement, prepared by Francis Derome, a Montreal police expert in organized crime, who wrote that at the time D’Onofrio was killed, “a climate of tension reigned over Italian organized crime in Montreal. At the time, murders and acts of violence were committed in connection with this climate of tension. Mr. Antonio Vanelli is a member of Italian organized crime in Montreal.”

    Derome noted that on the day of the shooting, Vanelli had attended the funeral of another man who police considered to have been “a member of Italian organized crime n Montreal.”

    Vanelli also supplied a written statement for the trial instead of testifying, and confirmed that before D’Onofrio was shot, he was at the café, but left to attend the funeral. He left his white Range Rover parked near the café when he left.

    Vanelli also wrote that he went to the café on a regular basis.

    After Riddle testified, prosecutor Katerine Brabant announced that the Crown has finished presenting its evidence. Royer then informed the jury that Lufiau’s lawyers will decide over the weekend whether they will present a defence. The judge said he will allow the defence attorneys several days to consider the option because the trial was altered significantly on Monday when a co-accused, Joubens Jeff Theus, 27, asked to have a separate trial for health reasons.

    The trial will resume on Monday.


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