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Thread: Leslie Van Houten - California

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    Court denies Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten's bid for release

    By Louis Casiano
    Fox News

    Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten's latest bid for freedom was denied by a California appeals court Friday.

    Van Houten, 70, has been recommended for parole three times after serving more than four decades for her role in a pair of gruesome murders. Her release was blocked twice by former Gov. Jerry Brown, while the third was blocked by Gov. Gavin Newsom in June.

    Two of the three appellate judges upheld Brown's decision to block Van Houten's release last year.

    The Governors determination that Van Houten has not taken full responsibility for her role in the crimes, and continues to pose a risk to the public, is supported by some evidence in the record, the judges ruled. They did not adopt Brown's other conclusion that her crimes alone provided enough reason to keep her in prison at age 70.

    The third judge said there is not a modicum of evidence to support a conclusion that Van Houten is still a danger.

    Van Houten's attorney, Rich Pfeiffer, said he would appeal the decision to the state Supreme Court. He argued his client has been rehabilitated and no longer poses a threat.

    I expected her to go home within a week or two, I really did," he said. "And thats not happening. Two things you can bank on: Shes gonna get out, and Im not giving up until she does.

    Van Houten was 19 when she and followers of Charles Manson fatally stabbed Los Angeles grocer Leo LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary, in August 1969. The slayings were done at the direction of Manson and came a day after other Manson followers killed pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four others inside her home.

    Van Houten was not involved in the Tate killings.

    In addition to Van Houten, former Manson followers Patricia Krenwinkel, 71; Bobby Beausoleil, 71; Charles Tex Watson, 73; and Bruce Davis, 76; remain in prison, the Los Angeles Times reported.

    Pfeiffer has a separate appeal of Newsom's decision to deny Van Houten parole awaiting a lower court's consideration. He also plans to file a third lawsuit arguing corrections officials are required to recommend that Van Houten be resentenced because of her age at the time of the crime and her age now.

    Manson died from natural causes in 2017 at a California hospital while serving a life sentence.

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    Manson follower recommended for parole for the 4th time but California governor has final say

    Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten has been found suitable for parole, but her fate will ultimately be decided by California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who previously denied her parole in 2019.

    The California Board of Parole Hearings recommended that an Houten be paroled at a hearing on Thursday, according to Luis Patino, a spokesman for the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

    This is the 4th time the board has deemed Van Houten suitable for release. Her 3 previous approvals for release were blocked twice by former Gov. Jerry Brown and once by Newsom. It remains unclear what Newsom plans to do this time.

    The 70-year-old Van Houten "was very nervous going into the hearing, but she responded very well to all the questions," her attorney Rich Pfeiffer told CNN. "She and her friends and family remain hopeful that she will be released. We all think we are getting closer and closer to release," he said.

    The board's finding will undergo a 120-day legal review. Following that review, Newsom will have 30 days to act on the board's finding.

    "As with any parole suitability recommendation, when the case reaches the Governor's Office, it will be carefully reviewed on its merits," said Vicky Waters, a spokeswoman for Newsom.

    Thursday's hearing was her 23rd since she became eligible for parole in 1977. Van Houten has been in prison for nearly 5 decades.

    The review will be expedited for inmates who face the greatest risk or are at facilities with a Covid-19 outbreak, Patino said.

    Van Houten was 19 years old when she met Manson and became part of his murderous cult known as the "Manson Family." She was convicted of the 1969 stabbing deaths of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca in Los Angeles.

    Van Houten was convicted and sentenced to death in 1971, but one year later the death penalty was overturned. Her first conviction was overturned as well because her lawyer died before that trial ended. She was tried twice more -- one trial ended in a hung jury -- and was sentenced to life in prison following a 1978 guilty verdict.

    She is currently imprisoned at the California Institution for Women.

    Manson died in prison of natural causes in 2017 at the age of 83.

    (source: Erie News Now)
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