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Thread: Larry Lamont White - Kentucky Death Row

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    Larry Lamont White - Kentucky Death Row

    Man convicted in 1983 rape, slaying of Louisville woman

    More than three decades after a young mother was raped and killed, her killer was convicted Friday.

    A Jefferson County jury found 56-year-old Larry Lamont White guilty of killing Pam Armstrong in 1983.

    Investigators recently reopened the case and used new technology to test DNA evidence.

    Police said that, along with new witness interviews led to White's indictment in 2007.

    The sentencing phase of the trial gets underway Monday.

    White has been convicted for two other murders and is eligible for the death penalty.

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    Man sentenced to death in 1983 rape, murder of woman

    It's the death penalty for a man convicted of murdering a mother of five nearly three decades ago.

    A jury took less than an hour and a-half to come to the decision for Larry Lamont White.

    White had already been convicted and was serving time for killing two other women in 1985. He was originally sentenced to death for those cases, but it was overturned. Now he's sentenced to death yet again for the murder of 22-year-old Pam Armstrong back in 1983.

    Emotions couldn't be contained in the courtroom as Judge Jim Shake read the verdict against White, who refused to show up in court for this penalty phase of trial.

    For Armstrong’s family, the verdict is an ending and a beginning.

    “The end to a lot of uncertainty and fear and the beginning to healing and moving on,” said Lavonne White, the victim’s daughter.

    In 1983, police discovered Armstrong dead. She was shot twice in the head and raped. Near her body were food stamps she had just purchased to help support her family of five children.

    For years, investigations continued until the case went cold. But at the urging of Lavonne White, in 2004, Louisville Metro Police's Cold Case Unit picked up the case again. With a DNA match found on Pamela Armstrong's underwear.

    In July 2014, a jury convicted him. At his penalty phase on Monday, the commonwealth came out swinging, saying Lamont White is a serial killer who focused on young, vulnerable, African-American women.

    Final sentencing was set for September.

    An uninformed opponent is a dangerous opponent.

    "Y'all be makin shit up" ~ Markeith Loyd

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    Convicted killer sentenced to death in '83 rape, murder of mother of 5

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A Louisville circuit court judge made it official -- a convicted serial killer is being sent to death row.

    The judge upheld a jury's recommendation for Larry Lamont White, bringing a 30-year-old cold case to a close.

    Judge James Shake stated he could have gone his entire career without having to have a sentence or case like this. But he ruled it deserved death and everyone in court had a comment.

    "You snatched away a woman that embraced us with all she had. You left me hopeless, unwanted, afraid to live, so really you left me dead," said the victim's son, Rodshina Armstrong. "That poem was (written) when I was 12. Lost with no direction, hurt with tears falling from my heart. I didn't know which way to turn, but seeking God was a start."

    Family members of Pamela Denise Armstrong addressed the court Friday morning as the man convicted of killing her was sentenced to death.

    "To the family, I don't know what you all heard here to say that I've committed a crime, but I never committed it. I don't care how you look at it. This was a setup by the Commonwealth," said White.

    Police said in 1983, White raped and killed the 22-year-old Pamela Armstrong by shooting her twice in the head and leaving her body in an alley. Near her body were food stamps scattered for her five young children who, now adults, sat in the courtroom.

    The case went cold, until Lavonne White, Pamela Armstrong's daughter and no relation to Larry Lamont White, urged Louisville Metro Police to reopen the case in 2004. It lead to a new trial and a conviction.

    "I could discuss how I have lived trapped in fear for pretty much my whole life, but I won't. I could discuss how I have been unable to sleep peacefully for the past 30 years but I won't. I could discuss growing up feeling like I was a total outsider, and not belonging to anyone because my mother was taken, ripped away from me, but I won't," said Lavonne White.

    The judge upheld the jury's recommendation, a 20-year sentence for the rape and death for the murder. For Rodshina Armstrong, the conviction brought a peace he didn't have as a child.

    "I have a burst of energy like a 5-year-old little boy who's at the playground. Every day I wake up I feel like I have a reason to live. I feel like I have a purpose to live," said Rodshina Armstrong.

    The defense says they have grounds for appeal.

    Larry Lamont White is convicted of killing two other women in the 1980s and that was introduced to the jury at the beginning of trial.

    His defense said that prejudiced the jury and prevented a fair trial.

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    In today's opinions, the United States Supreme Court vacated the judgment against White and remanded the case to the Supreme Court of Kentucky for further consideration in light of Moore v. Texas, 581 U. S. ___ (2017). Justices Alito, Thomas and Gorsuch dissented.


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    Where's Kavanaugh at? I have a feeling he will be another disappointment with the DP like dingbat Roberts.

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